Our Process

Why Choose LLLS as Your Search Partner?

Development and advancement executive search is the LLLS focus. The breadth and depth of our experience makes us better qualified than other search firms to recruit the profession’s best talent. Our many repeat Clients support that belief.

The LLLS experience, know-how and network has recruited Chief Development Officers and their teams. Our Best Practice techniques guarantee success.

Because the right person in the right job makes all the difference.

The LLLS philosophy since our founding in 1997.

How is the LLLS Process Different?

Communication that’s clear and consistent

All LLLS Search Directors are recruited based on nonprofit or development experience. So they know what questions to ask and what answers to listen for. We’re great communicators with Clients as well with weekly updates by the Search Director on the status of the search.

Collaboration on every Search

Although one Search Director serves as an Account Manager, Clients benefit from the support of the entire Search Team, which meets weekly to share status reports, recruitment strategies and Candidate suggestions. There are few degrees of separation between LLLS and the people Clients want to meet with our collective group input.

Commission-free culture to bring out the best

Our Search Directors are salary – not commission – based. There are no quotas to fill or heads to be hunted. Searches are conducted by the same highly qualified Search Director from start to finish – never by junior staff, and always, with the time and attention needed to carefully vet candidates.

One Search Director, the Power of a Team.

Our collaborative model is unique among search firms.
Step one


At an in-person meeting, the Search Director meets with the key stakeholders to become fully informed with the organization’s mission and values as well as the history, challenges and potential of the position. Resume Review and Onsite Candidate meetings are scheduled during this session.

Fast, spot-on results.

Our methodical and systematic Best Practices insure that Clients meet Candidates on schedule.
Step two

Attracting the Candidates

Deep research, broad sourcing and outreach combined with compelling messaging conveying the mission and the strengths of the organization and the position are used to build the talent pool. Posting on the LLLS website and the publishing of a detailed and colorful Job Backgrounder provide information to the potential candidate, after Client approval. Our signature E-blast and advertising complete the materials used to direct candidates to the website posting.


Step three

Reaching Out to the Best

After detailed, thorough telephone interviews, the Search Director meets with the Client to review the resumes of potential Candidates. At this Resume Review, the Client selects Candidates to be interviewed face-to-face by the Search Director. At the conclusion of this process, the Client and the Search Director select semi-finalists to be interviewed at the Client's site.

Our placements stay in place.

Tracking shows that most of our hires stay in their positions well beyond two years.
Step four

The Search Partnership

Prior to meeting the selected Candidates, the Client will receive a comprehensive Candidate Package containing a personal statement from the Candidate as to what he or she expects to accomplish at the organization and the reasons he or she wants to come on board. The Package also provides an assessment of the Candidate’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the position by the Search Director. The Search Director will then shepherd the process until the offer letter is accepted.

Your long-term success is our mission.

Our goal is to produce a pool of qualified Candidates from which Clients can choose the ideal hire, one who will thrive in the organization for a long time to come. When we conduct our research and interview potential Candidates, we do so with an eye (and ear) toward the following: Are they passionate for the mission? Have they made a significant impact in previous positions? Are they the perfect fit for the job, the department, and the organization?


100% Guaranteed.

Ready to find your next great hire?

Whether you’re looking to hire a leader, build out a team, reorganize a department or take that next career step, we’re here to help.