Chief Development Officer

Healthy Minds Innovations/Center for Healthy Minds

Madison, Wisconsin

In response to a personal challenge by the Dalai Lama to investigate how the mind works and how well-being can be cultivated, world-renowned neuroscientist Richie Davidson founded the Center for Healthy Minds (CHM) at the esteemed educational and research institution University of Wisconsin-Madison. CHM is now supported by the early-stage nonprofit, Healthy Minds Innovations (HMI). Growing scientific evidence shows that well-being impacts health, resilience, life success, and the ability to contribute to society more than any other single quality, including IQ. Research indicates that well-being can be learned and the Center for Healthy Minds, backed by funds raised through Healthy Minds Innovations is focused on the dissemination of tools and services to help real people build these skills, on both personal and institutional levels, and create a more compassionate world.

The Opportunity

HMI is seeking a Chief Development Officer (CDO) with outstanding strategic thinking, analytical, organizational and communication skills, as well as a strong conceptual understanding of the Center for Healthy Minds’ mission, and national and global impact. S/He will craft a collaborative, sophisticated multi-year fundraising effort that will generate short-term results as well as sustainable long-term growth, carefully monitor the costs associated with fundraising, and ensure that internal resources are appropriately utilized. The ideal candidate will be skilled at engaging high-level, top donors and prospects, and have experience working for a national/international organization with a central headquarters and regional offices. This is an exceptional opportunity for a seasoned, creative and systems-oriented leader to help fund a visionary mission with the potential to impact the world in positive ways.