Executive Director

Old South Meeting House

Boston, Massachusetts

The revolution began at Old South Meeting House (OSMH). It was the favorite stage in Boston’s drama of revolt, the place where colonists gathered time after time to challenge British rule in the years leading to the American Revolution. At OSMH, unprecedented numbers of people from all walks of life engaged in debate and dialogue that would change the fate of a nation -- earning the building a reputation as the hotbed of rebellion. Old South Meeting House is where the Boston Tea Party began in 1773.

Today, Old South Meeting House is a busy museum, treasured National Historic Landmark and an active center for civic dialogue and free expression in the heart of downtown Boston, committed to serving a broad local and international audience. OSMH embodies the American tradition of civic discussion with thought-provoking programs that bring together people from different walks of life with a wide range of viewpoints.

The Opportunity

The Executive Director will serve as the chief executive of the Old South Meeting House museum and historic site, responsible for the general leadership and management of the organization and for achieving its mission and strategic goals. Reporting to the Board of Managers and the Old South Association (the nonprofit responsible for preserving OSMH’s history of inspiring symbols of democratic ideals), the Executive Director will define and achieve the mission, strategic goals and objectives of Old South Meeting House; manage OSMH as a museum, historic site and active gathering place; and secure the funds necessary to maintain and preserve the building and enhance its educational programs and events. This is an exceptional leadership role for an experienced senior-level professional to join an organization that is poised for growth.

Maureen Huminik

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