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Archive 2014

Best Traits For Development Leaders

In a recent CDO U Interview: Kris Laping, Senior Vice President of Development, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, shared the traits necessary to lead a development department.

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Why Development?

LLLS chatted with Debbie Dutton,Vice President of Advancement, President of University of New Hampshire Foundation as she reflected on her job, her leadership style (pros and cons), and the subtle yet important differences between development staffs.

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To Tell Or Not To Tell?

A board member tells you something in confidence that you know your president would benefit from knowing. Do you share that comment with the president? Why or why not?

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What Is The Best Social Media Platform?

Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook… with all the social media platforms available and with new outlets constantly popping up, it’s hard to know which – if any — is right for your development department.

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Norman D. Potter, Vice President/Chief Development Officer, Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

After over 27 successful years in the for-profit world of banking -- in wealth management, to be exact -- Norman (Norm) Potter had no idea that he would then face the biggest challenge of his career. But after being recruited and selected as Vice President/Chief Development Officer for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, that's exactly where he found himself.

Here, Norm shares the story of how his for-profit experience brought fresh thinking to the famed academic medical center's development department -- and the insights he gained as his leadership skills were tested by this brand new (for him) nonprofit world.

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