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Archive 2018

Raising More with Artificial Intelligence

Nonprofit fundraising is starting to reap the benefits of the amazing efficiency improvements that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enabling. AI will not replace fundraisers, but rather make them more successful.

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To Unplug or Not Unplug

With summer vacations just around the corner, it’s time to ask the ever-important work-life balance question: Should I completely refrain from reading or writing email while I’m away from the office? 

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What Makes a True Leader

In a recent article in Inc.com, author Marcel Schwantes reveals the key leadership skills that he has identified as common among successful leaders.

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The Salary Question

It was once a part of most interviews: the “salary question.” Candidates tried to give the right answer. But times are changing.

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Making Lasting Volunteer Connections

Many nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers to share their missions, support the work of the staff and solidify community connections. Yet, volunteer retention is not always a priority. 

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Clearing the Inbox

If you’re one of those people whose unread messages spiral ever higher, Inc. magazine offers some valuable tips for people looking to get those inboxes back in line.

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