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Five Tips to Be a Great Boss

Achieving success for a team or organization is seldom the responsibility of a single person. A true leader inspires employees to be their best. Here’s how.

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Humble Leadership

In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, leaders were advised to pay more attention to their team’s assets and less to their own power within the organization.

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What Makes a True Leader

In a recent article in Inc.com, author Marcel Schwantes reveals the key leadership skills that he has identified as common among successful leaders.

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​Tiny Steps, Greater Retention

Organizations spend dozens of hours seeking out the right candidates for open positions — crafting the perfect job postings, interviewing and vetting candidates, and ensuring that prospects are the right fit. But when an employee’s tenure is short, the organization is forced to start the process all over again. There are costs in terms of money, time and morale.

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The Slippery Slope of Perfection

No one is perfect. No program is perfect. No organization is perfect. And that’s okay. Here are some tips on how to accept – and learn from – mistakes.

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The More Productive Meeting

Have you ever taken the time to calculate how much of your life is spent in meetings? These tips will help maximize the productivity of your team, potentially increasing donor funding.

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