Millennials’ Impact on Giving


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The Millennial Impact Project, a research study sponsored by The Case Foundation and conducted by Achieve, a cause-focused research and creative agency,produces some of the most telling studies on Millennials — those born between 1980 and 2000 — and how they interact with causes.

Millennials have become a very influential group and are quickly making up the majority of many companies. This year's Millennial Impact Report takes a closer look at corporate social responsibility and how companies and their leadership influence employee giving.

Some of the key findings from the report include:

  • 84% of millennial employees made a charitable donation in 2014. Of that figure, 22% percent made the contribution through their company with the highest amount (30%) donating through an online corporate giving platform; 78% made a contribution on their own.
  • 48% have donated to a giving campaign promoted by their employers. Fifty-four percent gave when asked by a supervisor.
  • 43% of millennial employees would be more likely to give if competition was involved.
  • 69% would be more likely to give if their company matched part of their donation.
  • 92% of millennial managers made a charitable donation. Of those that gave, 59% gave because they are passionate about the cause. Thirty-seven percent gave because a supervisor asked.
  • Millennial managers were far more likely to give more than non-millennial managers in amounts greater than $250.
  • 70% of millennial employees spent at least an hour volunteering in 2014. Of those, 45% did it as part of a company-wide volunteer day. Thirty-two percent used paid time off to volunteer.
  • Millennials appear to be influenced by their peers. Forty-six percent are more likely to give if a coworker asks; 27% are more likely to give if their supervisor does.

In general, the report showed that millennials care more about causes more than the organization behind them. Millennials are also competitive. They like a challenge and appreciate recognition. This group likes to volunteer for causes that they care about, but also want to use their skills to maximize their efforts. If nonprofits can show that their donation of time and/or money makes a difference, they are more likely to give both.

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